Why Quick Weight Loss Medications Are Not Good For You!

Your overall health is at stake here and you need to consider all of the options. Before you even considering taking one of the weight loss medications, be quite sure that is what you want. I know you want to drop those pounds quickly but that is not the best for you. The fact about these medications is that they are not likely to be prescribed to everyone, and even if you find this stupid, take a second and really think why that is true.

Doctors don’t like prescribing these medications to people that are slightly overweight, and there are good reasons why this is the case. Usually these medications are prescribed to obese people who because of their weight have serious health problems. As with any other medication, quick injection medication for weight loss can have side effects as well.

But still even then they get warned about all the side effects that they are bound to experience. Don’t fool yourself believing that most of these facts are overblown. They are not and it is important that you get familiarized before you even think of this option, which should be your last resort.

Quick weight loss medications cause headache or dizziness, restlessness, nervousness and anxiety so now in addition to your overweight problem, you are adding more health risks to yourself. But that’s not all, you will experience insomnia, dry mouth, diarrhea or constipation. These are the side effects that all experience whatever drug they might be using. And they are known as the downsides which are acceptable.

Usually people that face these downsides experience them for the first two weeks, and it is quite normal if you consider what these pills actually do to your body. And there is more, if you experience, though it is less likely to happen, raised high blood pressure, seizures, strokes and heart damage, you immediately have to stop using them and see a doctor. So now in addition to all of your overweight problems, you are adding more and more. This is why doctors are unwilling to prescribe these drugs to almost anyone, because sometimes they can turn a healthy person, who never had any health issues just a couple of pounds extra, into a person with serious health problems.

The worst part is that these pills often don’t actually work. They work as long as you are taking them and since you cannot be taking them all the time, many gain weight after they stop using them. This brings me to another point. The actual and the real secret to lose weight is not in the quick weight loss medication, but rather in our metabolism. And off course you cannot use these pills and continue eating as you did before, you need to control your food and exercise a lot. You need to have the right food added to your regular diet in order to lose weight, and what all those quick weight loss medication does not do is speed up your metabolism. So you see, why spend all that money, and risk your health for something that doesn’t work on a long run.


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