True Love Calculator And Other Ways To Determine Attraction

Have you ever found yourself trying out an online true love calculator? Do you wonder whether these tests really work? Do you maybe, just maybe have a few doubts about whether the guy you are dating is really your true love – or are you hoping that a guy you know at work might really turn out to be Mr. Right? Many people today are turning to the use of a true love calculator to help them decide. Before you spend hours online, ask yourself a few questions:

What does the calculator use to determine your results?

If you take a close look at the typical online true love calculator, you will see that it bases its love “calculation” on basically two pieces of data: the couple’s names and their birthdays. Let’s think about what these two pieces of information are supposed to tell you. The only information you can reasonably determine from a name comparison is whether the two individuals might have a similar ethnic or national background – and that would just be an educated guess. If we assume that compatibility is based on similarities in a couple, then having names that represent similar backgrounds can be considered a possible sign of compatibility. Of course, that reasoning puts a lie to the whole concept of “opposites attract.” The experts would tell us that the ideal relationship has a balanced combination of familiarity and unique differences.

As for birthdays, sounds like we’re getting into the realm of astrology here. Millions of people truly believe in the power of astrology, while millions more enjoy reading their horoscopes purely for enjoyment. However, the fact is that there is no known scientific basis for astrology. One other possible value of using birthdates in a true love calculator is that it considers the age differences between the partners. Now we are in the realm of science; couples who are closer in age tend to be more compatible than couples with significant age differences.

What is your motivation for using a true love calculator?

In other words, what is the real reason you are trying to find out if you have a true love match? You may learn more by answering this question than you will by taking the test. The answer may be that you are having serious doubts about an ongoing relationship. Or you may be trying to convince yourself that a guy friend could really be much more. Just like people use fortune cookies to hope for better futures, rather than making their own futures, you may be using a true love calculator to give you relationship advice when the answers are right in front of you. Consider taking some direct action to check out the relationship: Ask your boyfriend how he sees the relationship. Get up the nerve to flirt with the cute guy in your chemistry class.

What are other ways of determining true love?

In addition to taking fun online tests, there are other ways you can get some idea about whether a relationships really has a future. We’ve talked about compatibility, so let’s start there. Look for shared interests and values. Do you enjoy doing things together? Do you have the same basic way of seeing the world?

Next, take a look at your goals and plans. If you want five children, and he wants to be child-free, or you want to work in a big city, and he wants to live in the Australian outback – then you may have some huge bumps on the road to true love.

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