The Secret to Constructing a Saltbox Shed is a Good Set of Blueprints

Have you ever seen a saltbox shed?

This type of shed is a common sight in New England but is not common in other parts of the country. The saltbox style of construction stems from the early colonial days and can add a bit of charm and character to an otherwise drab utilitarian shed.

These 2 story sheds are handy for storing lawn equipment, snow blowers, and small boats because of the double doors that the style will accommodate. By building a tall sharply sloping roof you will have greater storage because the front of the building is two stories high and slopes back to a single story level. This results in a very complicated but unique roof construction style. Let me tell you, this is not a project you will want to tackle without a good set of saltbox shed blueprints.

With a detailed complete set of blueprints, the construction of your saltbox shed will proceed much more smoothly. By making accurate cuts you can hold the cost of the project to within budget and cut down on the extra trips to the supply store. Having a complete bill of materials makes the budget planning a snap and you will have a much happier spouse if you don’t have those unexpected expenses.

Think ahead a month or two and visualize the extra space you will have to park your car in your garage once you complete the construction of your shed.

Warning: Be sure to get all the required permits and comply with all the building and zoning regulations in your area.


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