The Science of Selling Junk Cars

If your car has broken down beyond repair, you may be able to get a little money to soften the blow. Car repair shops will buy the salvageable parts of junk cars and offer them at a greatly reduced price to their customers. If the frame of your car is totaled, some of your engine parts may still be useful, and if the engine is shot, there are probably other parts that can be used. Either way, call around to several junk yards and find out what kind of price you can get for your vehicle before you simply have it towed.

The first question a junk yard will ask is if you own the title for the mechanic special car. You need to have a hard copy of the title with your name as the owner since legitimate junk yards will only purchase junk cars from their owners and not a second party.

Before you begin calling the junk yards in your area, make a list of damages and parts that are currently missing from your vehicle. Also note which systems don’t work, and be sure to note tire wear. The condition of interior elements may also be helpful to record. The yard owner will probably ask you about all these things as he determines what price to offer. You’ll probably be offered anywhere from $35 to $350 for the car depending on its condition.

If your engine isn’t running, but requires an easy and inexpensive fix, it may be worth the cost since a car that’s running will probably get a larger amount of money. Just remember, that it will probably be around the $300 mark, so don’t spend a huge amount of money just to get the car to run. You don’t want to pour more money into it than you’ll get at the junk yard!

Call around to several junk yards near your home or broken down car’s location to get the best price. If your car isn’t running and there’s no way for you to tow it to the yard, be sure to find places near enough who would be willing to tow the car for all small fee or maybe even free. You don’t want to pay for long-distance towing when you’ll only be getting a couple hundred dollars for the vehicle! If possible, use your own (or a friend’s) tow bar, tow dolly or another legal towing resource and bring the vehicle to the yard yourself. Who knows, the owner of the junk yard may agree to pay you a little more if he doesn’t have to worry about picking the car up and transporting it to his lot.

In review, before you attempt to sell any junk cars you’ll need to do the following:

– Obtain the vehicle’s title and have your name entered as the owner

– Assess and make a list of damages, working parts, and the interior condition

– Call around to various junk yards in the area for the highest quote

– Be prepared to tow the vehicle to the junk yard yourself if you want the best price

Tips on Selling Your Car for Cash

Selling an old car for cash can be a complicated process, especially if you have not done it before. You might find yourself confused about choosing the best buyer. Also, you might be worried about not getting enough money for your car. If you are a novice at selling junk cars, there are several problems that you might face. In order to avoid these, you must research thoroughly about the procedure of selling an old car. Even though several automotive companies now have offers that can make the process highly convenient, you still must know the essential details. Also, there are several tips and tricks you can use along the process to get the maximum benefits out of it. Here are some of the tips you can use.

For one, you must make sure that you avoid all mistakes that can make the process longer than it needs to be. For this, you must go through the automotive company’s requirements and rules carefully. Several companies, for instance, only allow 4 tires per car. You must not, therefore, include the spare tire or hope to get extra money for it. You can avoid the hassle simply by removing the spare tire from your car. Also, you must make sure that your car is drained of fuel before the buyer picks it up. You must remove any oil or gas that may be present in the car. This way, you will be able to get the cash right away and will not have to reschedule the selling process.


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