Some Important Information You Should Know Before Purchasing LED Downlights

Downlights are lighting fixtures that do not just illuminate a room. They also help create a certain mood so many designers; contractors, as well as homeowners, prefer them. Downlights can also use many different types of bulbs such as halogen bulbs to CFL and LED bulbs.

Due to the benefits and advantages magnetic track light provide over other types of bulbs, they have risen in popularity among consumers. With more or less 50,000 hours of use, they are known to be more cost-efficient as opposed to halogen and CFL bulbs that can only be used up to 5,000 hours. LED bulbs are also much more energy efficient. Homeowners who use LED lights experience considerably cheaper costs of energy consumption while giving your home aesthetic benefits. On top of that, they are also much cooler than their other counterparts so they are less likely to cause fires.

Here are also certain things you need to know about LED and halogen. LED downlights are similar to halogen spotlights in that they have a specific beam angle. The beam angles for halogens range from 36 to 38 degrees while the beam angles for LED range from 25 to 135 degrees. Halogen contains a multifaceted reflector that controls how the light is spread and in which direction the bulb casts its light. LED downlights, on the other hand, don’t have multifaceted reflectors so the stated beam angle is the same as that which is stated in its packaging.

There are so many LED products available in the market so you should be keen on choosing the right one not only for your home but also for your particular needs. When purchasing magnetic track lighting system, you have to highly consider the height of your home’s ceiling. Experts strongly recommend using LED with narrow beam angles for high ceilings and of course vice versa for those with lower ceilings. Consumers should also go for LED lights that use either aluminum or ceramics for heat dissipation, which is very important for such kind of fixtures. With dissipation of heat, other components like the chip set (the component that is responsible for converting electricity into light) and the power driver (the part that controls the power of the LED) can perform at its best. It is also essential factor to check for the testing and safety certificates of the product before purchasing. Such certificates ensure that the product has satisfied the rigid standards of regulatory bodies.


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