Social Media Mastery for Home Buyers and Sellers on the Internet

You’ve probably been toying around with social media since Facebook was new, and quite possibly got online before you graduated from college. But what have you accomplished there? If you’re a real estate agent, a home buyer, or a home seller, you might be interested in looking a bit deeper at the opportunity available on the Internet for marketing, locating, and actually buying your home.

Big Business Home Marketing

If you’re working with the big real estate marketers, you’ll know the Doorstep reality numbers and vivid marketing details of your home, because they’ll show you those. But what about selling your own home? How will you meet the right audience of buyers or get your home listed in those significant OTHER areas where your home needs to be recognized to sell?

Social Media Marketing offers great ways to not only meet your real estate agent and get to know the professionals who will be marketing your home. Follow them on Twitter to see what they’re actually doing all day… Or visit their Facebook page for an idea of what’s up on their Pinterest Board. The objective is more than just making a connection. You need to know if your real estate agent is a good fit. Find out using social media.

Personal Home Marketing Connections

Sometimes the best realtors are not your friends. But more often than not, if you find a great realtor, that person will be visiting your home for coffee, coming by with dessert for your barbeque, and dropping off a fruit basket for Christmas, because they like you. They’ll be your new best friend because you like them. Making a personal friend of your real estate agent is a great idea if you’re not planning to stay in town forever. If you know you’re moving within the next few years, let your realtor know that when you move, he or she will be the first to know it. Because you want them to sell your home.

Social Media Presentation

One of the easiest ways I’ve found to market a home is to post it on social media. Not only does your realtor have access to the page you’re using to promote your home, but you’ll know how many “likes” your house is getting from the vast number of visitors who come around. Special garden features make great Pinterest promotions. Show them off with a picture and a link to your home marketing site.

How about that amazing kitchen redo? Have you shown it off on Pinterest yet? Posting photos of your home with links to your sales page, drive traffic, bring interested buyers and creates a buzz about your home. Meeting the market on social media instills a greater opportunity to see your home sell fast in these difficult buying times.


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