Men’s Fedora Hats to Make You Look More Charming

If you can find some hats made out of felt that have a long crease right across the crown and has sides and front that are pinched, then you sure have found some of the most fashionable men’s fedora hats. Such fedora hats usually have hat bands to make them look more attractive and have brims that go around the entire circumference of the hats. The only difference between a fedora and a trilby is that the trilby has a brim that is shorter and the rear side of the brim is upturned sharply.

During the eighteen hundreds, such hats were made popular and become an important part of men’s fashion accessories. This particular hat was widely popular and was in use for almost one century after which many similar hats came about with different designs and colors too.

The great depression period and the prohibition era brought about a huge demand for white hats that were widely in demand amongst various gang members. Though many Fedoras hat users preferred deep red, brown or black, white hats surely were in greater demand than most of the other. Such hats were made more popular by movie actors in the early 50’s for the simple fact that it created a beautiful contrast to an otherwise boring backdrop. All actors of this particular era sported not only some white fedora hats but also matched it with some awesome trench coats.

Sometime during, these hats lost its public demand and people moved on to other fashion accessories and in just about three decades, white fedora hats made a come back and is still in vogue amongst fashion conscious people. During the 80’s, many singers were seen sporting such fedora hats and thus made them more popular. Since this accessory was popularised by singers during the 80s it no longer was associated with the gangster world but was more synonymous to the music industry.

A hat is not just a fashion accessory anymore. This has definitely become an integral part of a dress suit and more importantly, it has become a must give gift for any occasion. If you are person who likes to make a fashion statement, then such hats are your best bet. You can now find a lot of manufacturers who are creating many such masterpieces with various materials and definitely a lot of new patterns too.

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