How to Make Your Central Heating Boiler More Efficient

In winter, it is very important to ensure that your home is properly heated, because not heating your home can result in damage to your property from damp and can be bad for the health of members of your household, especially if there are younger or older people in your home. However, due to the global recession and rising energy costs, many people are afraid to use their central heating as often as they should, because they are afraid of the high costs. However, there are ways to make running your central heating boiler more efficient.

If you have a central heating system which requires hot water to be stored in a tank for a period, you must ensure that as little heat as possible can be lost from the tank, or else the energy which was used to heat this water will have been wasted. It is also important to ensure that vast amounts of heat energy are not being lost form the boiler itself. It is possible to buy boiler Cv storing jackets (or “cylinder jackets”), which can be wrapped around hot water tanks. These jackets help to prevent some heat being lost from the hot water tanks, and will help to keep the water warmer for longer.

Another way to lower your central heating costs are to make sure that your house has the correct types of insulation. Old, wooden framed, single glazed windows can be very inefficient because they will allow a lot of heat to escape from the room, and will often allow cold draughts into the room. A lot of heat from a building is also lost through the roof of the property, if it is not properly insulated. One simple and free way to check whether your home is well insulated is to look at the roof of the property the day after a snowfall. If the snow has melted on your roof, but is still visible on the roofs of other properties nearby, or there is still a lot of snow in other places, this suggests that a lot of heat is being lost through your roof. If heat from a building is being lost through the windows, doors and roof of the house, the central heating boiler will have to work much harder to produce enough heat to keep the house or the room at the required temperature. Although there is an initial cost associated with roof insulation, or window replacement, this cost will usually be quickly offset by the savings made to heating bills.

It is possible to have an efficiency check done on your boiler, to see how efficiently it is running. If your central heating boiler has been graded as very inefficient, if can actually be less costly in the long run to completely replace the boiler system than it would be to keep running a system which is effectively haemorrhaging money. A new central heating boiler may also be able to heat your house more quickly than your old, inefficient system.

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