Gem Therapy: Science of Healing Using Gemstones

Jewelry was always seen as an adornment but there is also a belief among some experts that these sparkling gemstone jewelries have some healing effects. This science is known as Gem therapy. The practitioner of this therapy uses gemstones for curing various ailments.

All the people, who believe in this, are of the view that there is some life force in the Opal gemstones which gets transformed when used effectively and correctly. If you find this information interesting you can take a professional course for learning Gem therapy as there are various courses available to teach this science.

An expert informed us that a Gem therapist has to attend many workshops arranged by various learning institutes before he can be a certified gem therapist. If you want to be treated using this science please check out the details of the therapist as the treatments using gemstones should be done by expert gem therapists. This is so because, only the expert therapists have lots of knowledge and hands on with the use of every gemstone. Beware of quacks who may just claim that they are gem therapist!

Interestingly, in modern treatment methodology Gem therapy is one of the integrated medicine therapies. You may find some doctors using this science in the course of their treatment. IN these times of Yoga tourism and medical tourism many luxurious hotels are providing Gem therapy. A very common example of this is different form of massages in spas that are based on the gem therapy treatment.

According to the experts practicing this science the gemstone is actually cut into various crystals and it is the inner portion of gemstones that contains all the power and energy vibes. As a result not just the type of gemstone even the type of cut and the shape of the stone decide the impact. Mostly the gemstones are cut and given the shape of spheres when they are used in the Gem therapy as they are the most effective in this shape.

Intriguing as it may sound but all those who practice this are very positive that gem therapy works!!! And a person can be treated by powers of different kinds of gemstones just like a medicine. On the top of it they say that these gemstones have no side effects that are a common feature of allopathic treatment. In present day times, the common treatment practices are Ayurveda, Homeopathy, Allopathy and each of these follow a proper treatment schedule which includes various operations, medicines and shock treatments. However, among these Allopathic treatment is the most common practice. But according to the gem therapist the antibiotics being administered in Allopathic treatment are very strong for the human beings body structure. So, they feel that gem therapy can be a safer alternative for this.

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