Five Ways That Students Learn

Most college students do not realize that they have a primary learning style. It is the way they learn best. Because there is also a hierarchy of learning styles, wise students identify the various ways they learn and work hard to put themselves in a position to use their most effective learning styles.

Although we can all learn five ways, we usually have one or two learning styles that are the most effective for each of us. How do you learn? Learning styles include:

1. Visual Learning – For many, seeing is believing. Many of students prefer this method of learning. Books, pictures, drawings, videos, computer screens, demonstrations and personal observations fall into this category. Books, handouts, articles and research all provide opportunities for students to read about the concept that is being taught. Reading frequently provides the opportunity to go over the material more than one time. That is important.

2. Auditory Learning – Every student attends classes where the Professor lectures about a topic. Presentations, explanations, asking and answering questions and discussions all provide the opportunity to IB Extended Essay and TOK tutors learn with our hearing. Some Professors have the ability to tell stories about the topic being taught. Stories usually make the topic more interesting and easier to remember. Auditory learning is critical to student success.

3. Kinesthetic Learning – Our physical experiences, including our feelings, touch, taste and smell all hep us learn. Many college subjects cannot easily incorporate this type of learning. Therefore, this method is not often purposely used. However, most of us recognize that we can be physically moved (fear, laughter or tears etc.) by powerful emotions, actions, words, images and sounds.

4. Doing – Personally performing a sequence of actions is a great way to learn. We all learn by doing. That is how we learn to ride a bike. Furthermore, practice is a great way to improve a physical skill. Athletes do this all of the time.

5. Teaching – Anyone who teaches, tutors or coaches others will learn more about the subject and the processes being taught. That is because teaching requires knowledge, concentration and clear thinking. When you are having trouble learning a concept, try to teach that concept to someone else. You will either learn the concept or understand where your understanding has broken down.

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