Experimenting with Different Marble Tile Flooring Shades and Colors

Marble tiles are very elegant and sturdy which is why it is one of the most preferred types of stone used variedly in countertops, walls and floors. When you’re working on marble tile flooring, it is important that you choose the right colors to create a complimentary effect with the rest of your house, office or any other place. There are different shade netting to choose from and you may be surprised that creativity goes a long way when trying new blends and colors.

1. Sichuan marble. This type of marble tile is very white and looks immaculate. Although the material is mostly used for fireplaces and statues, it also provides very classic detailing to floors. The graining is very light or fair which often has a black color. This type of marble flooring is best when placed in an area with a lot of light.

2. Brown marble. This type of marble tile color may range from red to tan to brown. The inclusions are either beige, flesh or black. This is commonly used in bathrooms and terraces. Brown marble provides earthly tone that best compliments areas with plants and white decorations. The contrast between the brown floor and light decors create a soothing effect.

3. Standard Hunan. This type of marble tile has either black or gray shades. The gray may range anywhere from light to dark with black graining. This type of marble tile flooring is good for patios and kitchen areas wherein the lighter tones of kitchenware or a white door best compliment. You may also choose to experiment using both black and gray Hunan tiles to create a dramatic shading look.

4. Brown-gray aggregate. The aggregate may contain fully white marble with dark-colored graining or a variety of patches ranging from red to orange to gray. This is somehow a difficult color to use since it may not fit in just any area. It is recommended that you check how the grain matches with the body color and observe if it matches the room where you plan to install it.

5. Brown-white marble. The shade of this marble tile is generally a mixture of brown and white which appears great in living rooms and bedrooms. Some may contain small holes but the advantage is that it provides a cooling effect since it doesn’t hold heat for long but absorbs cold conditions. Some of these tiles may also have a peach shade.

6. Rosette. This is a new type of marble that best compliments bedrooms since it has a rather pink or peach color. The graining is heavy but if the tiles are polished, creates a very elegant and stylish look.

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