Custom Dog Tags Have Become a Popular Jewelry!

The customized dog tags can be real gifts. They are liked by most young men and women. The weight of such dog tags is very less. They can be obtained at a very affordable cost. You can get the text or graphics that you want get printed at a very low cost. The best thing about the customized tags is that it is possible to get them printed the way you desire. It is easy to get the print in the color or shape you want. You can want any text or graphics inscribed upon the tag. It has also become very popular among the kids too. Teenagers of both the sexes are wearing the tags as necklace as well as bracelets.

The personalized military tags came into existence during the civil wars. The soldiers used to make tags from wood. They used to make a hole so that they can wear it around their neck with the help of a string. The term dog tag came into use when the Second World War started. The army distributed a set to their soldiers so that they can hang them around their necks. The set consisted of two chains of different length and two tags. One of the tags remained with the body of the soldier in case he died and the other was taken away by the authority. These tags were mainly disc in shape and were made of aluminum.

Other materials like stainless steel, brass and anodized aluminum is also used to make the tags. They are very popular materials that are used to manufacture customized tags. The information to be included in the tags are often embossed or engraved in the tags. These are one of the best methods to inscribe the information on the tags because they do not wear away easily. Tags are also made of plastic. There are many people who can choose tags made of plastic. They are popular because of the reason that they are available in different colors. The text or graphics that are printed on plastic tags look very vibrant.

Dog tags have come out of the war field and have become a fashion statement. Their forms have changed a lot. Most of the men are using them to enhance their masculine look. It has become a very popular fashion accessory.

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