Behavioral Modification – Key to Long Term Weight Loss

The truth is that when it comes to losing weight, only very short term remedies can be found in “pill form.” However, when taken under the supervision of a weight loss physician, medication can be considered a useful tool in a broader weight loss or management plan.

Although many Doctors feel that long term solutions for shedding unwanted pounds are just as easily achieved by behavior modification, they are prescribing medications more often than not. Proper diet, exercise, and counseling to help to identify the triggers that contribute to weight gain are solid, healthy plans that truly work in the long term.

Nonetheless, since the FDA approved the first over the counter injection medication for weight loss medication, many people who have been unsuccessful with losing weight or weight management have resorted to seeking out help in this “pill.” These fat blockers can block the absorption of some fat in meals when taken correctly but, even the makers of these drugs as well as the FDA, recommend a reduced calorie low fat diet. This is a clear message that the pill will not do all the work. As with any long term solution the magic lies within the individual’s willingness to modify their actions.

If you can change your behavior on your own, you probably don’t need fat blockers or appetite suppressants nor the need for a weight loss clinic or doctor. But for millions, changing behavior is not easily accomplished. Food is often a true addiction for some, others may need help staying on task or with setting goals. Often times, the weight gain can be contributed to underlying physiological or psychological conditions that require medical assistance. In this situation, a person should locate a doctor who is trained in both psychiatric medicine and weight management — In doing so, they are actually getting more bang for their buck and will most always get to the bottom of WHY they gain weight, not just how to take it off.

Remember that no two people are the same and what is easy for some is extremely challenging and often painful for others. Understanding the reasons behind why a person has gained weight or can’t maintain a healthy weight should be accessed by a weight loss doctor, prior to resorting to a ‘pill.” If you are considering using over the counter weight loss pills, consider the effects that they can have on your overall health and remember that if you should require medication to help you lose weight, most all weight loss doctors consider this as an option when treating their patients. It should not however, be the only motivation to seek out a weight loss doctor. Often times, patients will find that with the right tools such as food journalling, exercise vitamins, B-12 injections along with proper diet and counseling—shedding the weight without the medication is not as difficult as they had imagined.

The FDA website provides very useful information regarding healthy, long term solutions to losing weight as well as up to date information on popular weight loss medications.

Dr. George Northrup treats patients at his Tampa Clinic, My Healthy Weight Solutions. George M. Northrup, M.D. offers an alternative solution to weight loss treatment and for maintaining a healthy mindset which is the key to many addictions, whether it’s food, drugs or other addictions. Patients in and around the Tampa Bay area can easily begin losing and maintaining their weight and enjoy the “homelike” environment that Dr. Northrup provides. He is known for his skill with prescribing psychotropic medications while providing a friendly and informative atmosphere. He is also the local expert on Adult Attention Deficit Disorder, suboxone treatment for addictions to painkillers (opioid addictions.)


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