An Educational Phenomenon Can Raise Students’ Learning Level and Can Bring Awareness to Parents

Online Tutoring is the key to the future of our children’s education because the sessions are presented in a non-threatening situation. “Online Tutoring allows students to IB Extended Essay and TOK tutors learn in their home setting rather than a public institutional setting. Students learn best in this non-commercial, familiar, stress-free environment” explains Debbie Cluff, CEO of Links for Learning, an online tutoring site. She goes on to say, “Parents need to become aware of the positive educational resources available to them right in their own home”. Parents have the ability to be present during all tutoring sessions and reinforce the ideas presented during the sessions. Parents can then discuss the online tutoring session during a private chat with their online tutor or via email. This builds the necessary tools to create a structured learning environment for students because it involves the three aspects of gaining an education. These three aspects are the co-relation of the parent, the student, and the teacher.

During the online tutoring sessions, the students are in the comfort of their own home, learning in a positive atmosphere. The tutoring session have unlimited access because in the online sessions, “the world is your oyster”. Students gain confidence and a better understanding of their problem area because of the unique style of learning the sessions present. Online tutors are able to plan each lesson around the individual students needs and are not limited on the resources they have because of working online. Online students feel certain about what they are learning and how they are learning. Learning in the home is the ultimate learning experience.

Online tutoring is available at many different sites. It is important to find an affordable and convenient site that has specific teaching credentials. Some companies offer online tutoring for a low price, but are not really willing to work with both the parents and the students. Also, some sites offer tutoring sessions that do not have credentialed teachers working as their tutors. Some sites do hire tutors that do not live in the same country that the students live in, which is hard to tutor because of the different language barriers. Make sure that you feel comfortable with the tutor that you are going to have your most priced possession dealing with. Homework Help is offered at some sites which is another great resource to enforce the online learning setting. This is a great resource for working parents because it enables their student to have access to a tutor 24/7, a tutor who can help with homework questions.

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