5 Insider Tips For Maximizing Online Event Ticket Sales With Promo Codes

With the right timing and a little know-how in the advance sale, promotional codes for event ticketing can put a steady stream of revenue in your pocket months before your event begins. As setup manager at a top online ticketing company, I have worked with hundreds of show producers over the past decade and have seen the exciting direction promotional code marketing has taken in recent years. Here are 5 tips event producers can use to improve event ticketing sales through promotional code discounts.

1. Know Your Tools- Promotional codes (also known as promo codes or coupon codes) trigger a price discount on selected tickets when entered during an order; understanding how, when, and where to set these codes up will influence your overall effectiveness. It’s critical to have the ability to create your promo codes, at any time. A good online ticketing Hopper Referral provider should have these tools built into a system that is user-friendly and intuitive, enabling you to maximize marketing efforts as opportunities arise.

Using the reporting features within your system to monitor the usage of a specific code and the total revenue it generates is also essential. By having access to this information, you can fine-tune your marketing, even while your event is taking place. Be sure to request training from your online ticketing support team or web developer if you are unclear on how to use the promotional code tools within your system.

2. Use the Media & Track your Results- Promotional codes were made for the media! A promo code can be assigned to a specific print ad, commercial, radio spot, or partner website. Promo codes in the media can be exceptional at reeling in pre-sales and measuring your success with the networks, stations, or publications you invest in. A catchy advertisement with your web address clearly stated, accompanied by a simple promo code, is sure to maximize results. Create codes that are easy to remember; use the TV or radio station’s call sign or choose a simple word that is related to the campaign. Words are easier to remember than numbers. Most media ad campaigns are launched at least one month before the event and should be more aggressive at least two weeks out.

3. Phase out Paper Coupons & Build a Bigger Database- Many of our clients have gradually replaced their paper coupons in favor of online promotional codes. They run similar print ads but replace the culpable coupon area with a clear referral to their website along with the promotional code. This will motivate the customer to buy online and receive the best available price while eliminating any hassles associated with redeeming paper coupons. By moving more people online, show producers build a stronger database for future marketing campaigns. This is valuable data including name, email, address, and more, which could not be captured from a customer using cash at the door with a paper coupon.

4. Consider Deeper Discounts Earlier- Most ticket sales reports show a natural bell curve as opening day approaches because most people tend to buy online at the last minute. An early start on your promotional code campaign can help balance out this phenomenon putting more revenue in your pocket weeks before your event. It is best to start your deepest discounts as early as possible and gradually minimize the savings as your event nears. Frequency plays a large role in the success of an early campaign. Having a consistent “rollout” of codes released at carefully planned dates and times will keep you on the minds of your faithful followers. Organized promo code management is essential to aligning your codes with an early marketing campaign. Seek tools that give you direct access to create and manage your promo codes with options to set expiration dates and usage limits. Try running one-day promotions with the message, “Only 100 codes available, order now!” or “Order now, offer expires this Friday at 11:59 PM!”

5. Social Networking & Newsletters – Get Your Message Read- Many show producers are seeing the positive impact social networking and newsletter communication can have on their event’s popularity. For those with limited marketing budgets, these are essential. Since promotional codes are easily posted, emailed, and distributed with relatively no cost, they lend themselves well to the social networking audience. Hit your social networking markets as soon as your tickets go on sale. Try targeting certain groups such as friends, fans, followers, and last year’s attendees, giving them the “first opportunity to save” and rewarding them for their loyalty. Post a special discount link on your event page or use the bulletin features to get the word out. Messaging such as, “Use this code before it’s too late!” and “$5 off for our loyal followers who buy before August 1st” are great ways to encourage sales.


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